Simply spring

Wednesday March 28th, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Farmers feed life, do not disperse it as we do. They feed their lives with a caress, with a kiss. The farmers turn the earth and turning the earth allow the light and heat to slip. In the morning the farmers blow on the ash and reactivate the fire.

Following this new wisdom has made that at the beginning of 2015 I started a period of “pruning” of my artistic activity. Yes, I have done some work but only those strictly linked to the VIVO training activity. For three years I have dedicated myself to the care of this plant and now I believe it has come a new time, a time of spring, a time that suffers a fresh breeze on the face, a time that prepares the flowers for new fruit.

The flowers that this plant presents are flowers that I recognize, prepare a fruit that I have already tasted, a fruit of youth.

This plant prepares a fruit of which I know the taste and that I am going to taste with a new maturity.

And so I go back to the rehearsal with a new show “Gabbatha” and with a new cast. I’m back in the rehearsal in the city that has welcomed me artistically and that always represents a new stimulus, New York.

I go back to the new, I go back to the farmer I have always been, and that I will always be, with my funny English.

Enzo Celli



Gabbatha (Gabbaqa) is an Aramaic name, as the Greek Lithostrōtos, indicating a place in Jerusalem, a high platform covered with pavement, the place where Pilate had his judicial seat. In Gabbatha, Pilate washed his hands, telling to the crowd “I am innocent of this man’s blood.”  Gabbatha represents the place where humanity decided not to take responsibility, to turn its head away.

In this modern era, we are confronting a similar condition, the danger of turning our heads away from our challenges, like the escalating pace of our society and its urge for isolation, contrasting with our position toward those in need and more exposed. We carry on a toxic drive that stems from our fears, which prevents us from enacting our greatest gifts and contributing them to life.  

Gabbatha is an investigation of these fears, of our inability to be close to each other, to take responsibility, to recognize the moment in which we live, our pain, while confusing the pain of giving birth with that of dying.

Gabbatha investigates the potential inherent to this moment. Above all else, art and beauty call us back to powerful actions that shine light, to prophetic actions that defeat fears, making us realize that this is a time of gestation, of rebirth. Art must raise our awareness that this era won’t lead us to death. Art must cultivate a deep love for this process of gestation, and develop a penetrating gaze into our crisis.

Therefore, it is now time for our personal Gabbatha, for choosing whether to open ourselves to a new birth, or to turn our heads away from the mystery of life, as new Pilate.