“(Enzo Celli) this is the real revolution”. La Repubblica

Zonton celebrates life with the deepest and profound meaning celebrating that life which stubbornly proceeds to the disadvantage of human witticism, of mediocracy, and the wretchedness of man. Zonton celebrates his weaknesses that often transform into necessities, celebrating those people who know how to forge from love, abandoning themselves to life, enriched by the past and never left un-consoled  by melancholy. Zonton is the total abandonment to the beauty that will save the world. So the dance becomes a metaphor to life in itself. Beauty just like passion, sacrifice as a gift , pain just like joy are nothing else but a translation of life into the dancing act.

“Zonton”, from the ancient Greek Living, is the new performance choreographed by Enzo Celli for VIVO Ballet.
“Zonton” celebrates life and the deeper meaning of it. Celebrate the life that stubbornly proceeds at the expense of human jokes, of mediocrity, of human baseness. “Zonton” celebrates the weaknesses that can be transformed into virtues, celebrates those people who allow love to forge themselves. “Zonton” is the abandonment to the beauty that will save the world. The dance becomes a metaphor for life itself. Looks like the passion, the sacrifice as the gift, the pain as joy are a transfiguration of the dance. Centerpiece of the show is the solo of Elizabeth Minutoli dedicated to motherhood. Scenography are the photographs of Pierre André Transunto appreciated artist selected as a finalist of the Sony World Photography Awards 2015, the world’s largest photography competition and accompanying global exhibition. The texts of the show are by Enzo Celli.