Two performers and an interactive floor: [T]here. A work about designing the sound produced by the performer’s movements, isolating “points of listen” contained in a sound. First aim: listenig exercise. The performance on an interactive floor represents a break in current trends, a little revolution because dancers, as well as human being, are used to know and recognize themselves only from a visual point of view , not from an acustic point of view, the sound of their mouvements. Every action has its sound, its consequence not always immediate but also delayed. The interactive floor represent, not only in this work, an instrument to empowering hearing.  In this sense technology is not an option but a need, the only way to find a lost humanity. The stage become a sensivite place and the set is created only by the sound. Performers continuously  have to pay attention to what they are generating, even if they would ignorate the sound that become more and more “invasive” (as Enzo Celli said the first time he played the interactive floor). This is the second aim:exercise of responsibility. Understanding that every cause has an effect is understanding that our behaviour has to be conscientious for ourselves and all the people.