“Fifteen minutes of applause from an audience warm should be a great satisfaction for the company and the absolute proof of a great success.” Dance & Culture
This remake of Giselle is set by a space strongly dream that represents the memory of the story of Albrecht, is set in a place so skinny, hairless.
The colors to gray represent the memory, which sometimes distorts over time. That’s how the dance is full of symbolism, sometimes also distorted by the memory, the choreography comes charging, mannerist, full of rides that represent almost Albrecht attempt to rewind the tape of memory.
The distortion of reality becomes even more evident in the second act set in a women’s prison.
While Villi are dressed as prisoners, Giselle always appears in an elegant dress that changes iridescent colors more and more until you get to the red, a symbol of martyrdom. This is because as the protagonist approaches the sad ending of the story, in the mind of Albrecht, Giselle is becoming more supernatural connotations, indicating as she herself becomes the redemptive via of our prince (politician) decayed, that through it learns the deeper meaning of life.