DISGELO – the gift


“Disgelo by Enzo Celli is a very powerful”. l’Avvenire.

“Take time to love, because this is a privilege that God gives you. Take time to be good-natured because this is the road to happiness. Take timed  to laugh, because a smile is the music of the soul, take time to love . God and the people that you have next to you every day with a lot of tenderness, life is too short to be selfish. We all return to be earth, but there is a big difference on the type of soil you are: desperate soil o soil that is in love”. Don Luigi Verdi.

Setting off from the condition that unavoidably precedes thawing, the glaciation, Enzo Celli transposes into the human condition the iciness of the soul, especially studying all the shades that make an individual cold towards another. Like the thawing occurs with the atmosphere warming up, so for another phenomenon, this can occur  in a person  only when they come into contact with the other.