The CRISALIDI (chrysalis or pupa) precedes the adult state of the butterfly. The shell of the chrysalis cleaves and the butterfly begins to laboriously come out.
Butterflies live an average of one month, but some species die after only a few hours. The chrysalis can live up to 30 years before emerging as an adult.

I believe that the condition of the dancer is similar to that of the chrysalis.

He spends his whole life in a chrysalis condition, during which he forms, struggles with himself, tries to grow and improve. Sometimes he loses this battle, sometimes he succumbs. It is a hard, incorrect battle, constantly fought with a sense of inadequacy that sometimes results in a very strong sense of solitude. Loneliness that sometimes makes us forget that we are not the chrysalis, but the butterflies within.

Yes, the dancer prepares for a lifetime to become the butterfly, then beauty, then poetry, which will last, hopefully, a month.