NOT a new company… JUST a new company

Thursday January 4th, 2018 - 1 minute read

After a year and a half since the company was founded in America, a new section of this journey begins for me and for VIVO, made not with a new company but with a new company.

Three years have seen us grow more than we expected thanks to the programs we hold at the VIVO Professional Training Center in Rome. Thanks to this work that continues to produce new fruits, we are now ready to start a new journey with the American company to which I will be able to devote some time, a slow and thoughtful time, a time that tastes like frost and water. source, a time that opens the eyes to an ever new horizon.

The bridge we have between Italy and the United States solidifies, grows, amazes, all thanks to the work of those who have always been there (Fulvio, Giulia, Daniela, Marco, Amy and of course my indomitable and beloved Betta) and thanks to the strength of those who represent this new time (Roberto, Madalina, Diana).

At this time and all of us, I dedicate some of the many words that have accompanied me in recent months. The first are by Walter Bonatti: “Reality is 5% of life, man must dream to save himself”. I find them tied, almost fused with those of Ermes Ronchi: “Abandoning dreams means to worship the ash and abandon the fire”.

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